How old are you? - 18

How tall are you? - 5’10”

Where do you live? - Staten Island

Gay, Straight, Bi? - Straight

Are you single? - Yes

Are you a virgin? - No

Describe the perfect girl - Short about 5’0”, partially dyed pink hair, brown eyes, a cute shy smile with light freckles under her eyes. She’s smart, has a way with words, a laugh that makes you smile no matter what. She’s loud in public not caring what anyone thinks. She doesn’t dress like everyone else, she’ll wear a dress and rain boots for all she cares but still looks beautiful. She violent but the most caring girl around. She can read you like a book and know just what you’re thinking. She’s innocent but can still party. She can surprise you at any moment. She believes in fairy tales and believes in love and will try to find the good in everyone. She doesn’t only become part of your world but instead what it revolves around. The best part is that she’s real. The worst part is that i can’t have her.

Who’s your favorite band? - The Story So Far 

Check out my blog? - Maybe, I randomly choose some to look at every once in a while based on whether i like the URL.

Who’s your tumblr crush? - emilysteaparty.tumblr.com

*Insert Compliment* - Thank you, I appreciate all of these. I know i don’t answer but its only because i hit my post limit if i answer too may questions… I do answer some randomly though.

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